Hi, I’m Clau 👋

I’m a dynamic Junior Software Developer looking for new opportunities to grow and put my skills into practice.

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About me


I build Full-Stack web applications mainly using the following technologies:

Spring framework logo Java programming language logo React frontend framework logo Python programming language logo Mongo DB database management system logo Postgre SQL database management system logo Bootstrap logo

My projects follow SOLID principles, most of which are built following a client-server architecture with a React and Bootstrap frontend and a Spring Boot or Flask backend. Databases are either PostgreSQL or MongoDB depending on the use case. I also use Python for smaller projects and scripts.

Experience with Agile methodologies (Kanban, Scrum), Test Driven Development, testing tools like Cypress, jUnit and Pytest.

My interests include Docker and Cloud computing and I’m looking forward to learn them.

I also have some familiarity with the MVC architecture, Bash scripting, PHP, MySQL, Node.js, Express.js, and Linux server administration with Debian and Ubuntu.


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My inbox is always open for enquiries, questions, or if you just want to have a wee chat.

I’m always happy to connect with people.